Welcome to Northwestern│ The Beginners’ Guide to Academic Drug Development at Northwestern, a new resource for Northwestern academic drug developers who wish to explore commercializing promising drug therapies developed in the lab.  The Guide is expressly for Northwestern faculty with compounds under development and will enable entrepreneurial faculty to better understand the drug development process and what Northwestern offers to encourage translation from basic science to commercialization.  The Guide is divided into six information centers:

  • Home – the structure of the web site
  • About – An overview of the drug development process from invention to final Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for commercial sales
  • Policies and Guidance – Northwestern’s governance for academic drug development
  • FDA Primer – An overview of FDA’s structure and selected guidance for drug development
  • Innovation to IP protection – Includes an overview of the scientific steps to identification of a compound that can be patented, NU fee for service Scientific Cores and Centers of Excellence that can assist at each step, the patenting process, the licensing and/or partnering process and NU proprietary funding sources
  • Start Ups and Partnerships – Includes an overview of the scientific steps needed to proceed from patented compound to FDA approvable drugs, NU fee for service Scientific Cores and Centers of Excellence that can assist at each step and NU proprietary funding sources
  • Contact – Who to contact for further information about the Guide and mentoring for your project 

The Guide was developed by Bill Sargent, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) for the Chemistry of Life Processes (CLP) Institute’s Center for Developmental Therapeutics. The CLP EIR program, one of the first academic programs of its kind in the nation, helps move discoveries out of the lab and into clinics. The role provides mentoring in the drug development process, from initiation to FDA marketing approval, to interested academic drug developers across campus looking to explore commercialization. The EIR is available for consultation to researchers on the Chicago and Evanston campuses who are interested in developing potential therapies emerging from their translational research.

If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment, please email bill.sargent@northwestern.edu.