Irawati Kandela, PhD

Assistant Director, Developmental Therapeutics Core

Dr. Irawati (Angki) Kandela joined Northwestern University in April 2011. Prior to joining Northwestern, she was the Manager of the Biology Department at Novelos, Inc. (formerly Cellectar), located in Madison, WI. Her research was focused on targeted drug delivery using alkyl-phospholipid bound to radio-iodine 131 (I-131) for cancer treatment. While at Cellectar, she filed 7 patent applications with her team, built up the GLP based laboratory and submitted INDs to the FDA.

Irawati received a B.S cum laude in Pharmacy and an Apothecary degree from the Bandung Institute of Technology and a Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Contact Information:

Office: Silverman B715
Phone: 847-467-5304
Fax: 847-467-1566
i-kandela [at] northwestern [dot] edu